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Alliance Board Endorses Lynchburg Downtown Master Plan

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August 27, 2018
In early August the City of Lynchburg unveiled “Downtown 2040,” the Downtown Lynchburg Master Plan. After reviewing the document, engaging the business community and discussing the plan, the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance’s Legislative Affairs Committee recommended an endorsement of the Downtown Lynchburg Master Plan to the Alliance Board of Directors at the August 23rd board meeting. The board unanimously endorsed the plan and encourages the Lynchburg City Council to approve the Downtown Lynchburg Master Plan.

When asked about the endorsement, Board Chair Stefanie Prokity said, “Our Lynchburg region is a great place to be, and the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance’s recent endorsement and support of the 2040 Downtown Lynchburg Master Plan is proof. The development of downtown Lynchburg is key for future growth, business development, and new ideas. We are all eager to participate in our region’s ongoing transformational success.”

The Alliance CEO and Chief Economic Development Officer Megan Lucas said, “The vision of the Downtown Plan is a comprehensive one, setting before us on a path for the next twenty years. It is an exciting master plan with an eye to the continued dynamic growth of our thriving urban hub.” 
Furthermore, “The previous downtown re-development plan was nothing short of a success, and the Alliance Board of Directors believes the full scope of this 2040 Master Plan will build upon those foundations. We have full faith this plan will surpass expectations and continue to create the Downtown we all love and enjoy.”

Multiple businesses in the downtown area were consulted for their opinion on the plan as the Alliance considered an endorsement. 


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