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Career Acceleration Program (Beacon of Hope):

Go Virginia said the Career Acceleration Program will work to increase the career capacity of the region by retaining young workers graduating high school. Project goals also include reconnecting with individuals who have paused their educational journeys and engaging with two-generation households, where parent and children are prime-age workers. The project will also create a long-term career case management system that allows workers to continuously learn and prepare for new job opportunities. The project builds on a previous GO Virginia planning grant, which helped Beacon of Hope develop a playbook for implementing Future Centers – resource hubs in schools that assist students with college and career preparation – across Region 2. The GO Virginia board approved a total of $540,000 in state funds for the project, which is leveraging $585,000 in non-state sources.

“Lynchburg Beacon of Hope combines a grassroots effort with regional partnerships, strong K-12 programming, and relationships with the three public school systems and five regionally accredited colleges and universities in the Lynchburg region,” said Laura Hamilton, executive director of Lynchburg Beacon of Hope. “This GO Virginia implementation grant will broaden our scope of impact, providing more data to broaden our reach here in Region 2 and as a demonstration program for communities nationally. Lynchburg Beacon of Hope is currently working alongside dozens of Region 2 employers through our Future Centers, experiential programs, and career access programming to create a pipeline of well-prepared, well-credentialed young people interested in keeping and growing their talents here in Central Virginia.”