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City of Lynchburg’s Vacant Building Registration Program & Notice to Owners of Vacant Residential/Commercial Buildings

In 2016, Lynchburg City Council amended the Vacant Building Registration Program in order to help prevent areas of the City becoming blighted due to vacant and "derelict" commercial and residential buildings. Every person who owns a building or buildings meeting the criteria as listed in the City Code for vacant, derelict buildings (those that are vacant, regardless of ownership, for a continuous period of 12 months or more, not lawfully connected to electric service from a utility service provider or not lawfully connected to any required water or sewer service from a utility service provider for six continuous months) will automatically be registered annually in the Vacant Building Registration Program.

In June of each year, the City will mail a Vacant Property Annual Registration bill for $100 to the owner(s) of record. Owner(s) who fail to pay the annual registration fee by July 1 will be mailed a second bill in August with an additional civil penalty of up to $400 for each building on said parcel. Additionally, notification of all possible civil penalty fees will be noted on the back of the same bill.

For additional information click HERE, or call Dana Horne,  Property Maintenance Official, Department of Community Development at (434) 455-3922.