Community Health Needs Assessment Plan Receives Approval by Centra Board of Directors

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January 16, 2019
The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), a continuous process for evaluating the health needs of the Central Virginia region, has completed its findings, and received approval to move forward by Centra’s four Boards of Directors.  

Data collection was completed in June, through the thoughtful work of the “Partnership for Healthy Communities”. The Partnership for Healthy Communities is an initiative led by Centra, Centra Foundation, Community Access Network and the Central Virginia and Piedmont Health Districts in collaboration with the Bedford Community Health Foundation, Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation and the United Way of Central Virginia. This partnership, which also includes many key nonprofits and community leaders in the region, continues to be committed to aligning the communities’ needs to elicit change while improving the health of those who live there. 

Centra and these local community partners will begin implementation planning based on the prioritization of the needs uncovered in the assessment.  Across Centra's three service areas, access to affordable healthcare, access to affordable housing, access to healthy foods, and access to mental health services emerged as some of the top needs to be addressed in the next three years.

The finished product belongs to the community and the report for each geography is posted in its entirety on Centra’s website. ( Once the implementation plans are complete, they too will be uploaded to this website for viewing and grant funding/planning.