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Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance joins in National Economic Development Week celebration - May 9-15, 2021

The Lynchburg region joins communities nationwide to increase awareness of the positive work economic developers do to enhance local economic impact.

Lynchburg, VA (May 10, 2021) – The Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance is marking National Economic Development Week from May 9-15, 2021 to celebrate the contributions of positive economic development and explain the role of the profession in our local community, including the mission of:

  • Partnering with local offices of economic development through project support, providing regional data to drive decisions, exploring grants to continue industrial site improvement, and the creation of new jobs and investment.
  • Advocating for policies and programs directed at improving the business climate through specific efforts such as national and international marketing of the region, industrial site development, existing business retention and expansion, community development, and entrepreneurship.
  • Serving as the regional marketing firm to attract new businesses to the Lynchburg region by building relationships with site consultants, company executives, and continuing to promote the available sites and buildings within the region.
“The Lynchburg Region is fortunate to have professional economic developers focused on growing and sustaining the region,” said Megan Lucas, CEO and Chief Economic Development Officer of the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance.
“The work of Marjette Upshur, Director of Economic Development & Tourism for the City of Lynchburg, Gary Shanaberger, Town of Appomattox, Victoria Hanson, Director of Economic Development for Amherst County, Sara Carter, Town of Amherst, Waverly Coggsdale, Town of Altavista, Traci Blido Director of Economic Development for Bedford County, and Nina Rezai, Director of Economic Development of Campbell County is critical to generating jobs and investment in our region.
Together they form the Regional Economic Development (RED) team working collaboratively to leverage the assets of our region. The role of an economic developer is diverse and dynamic requiring the ability to navigate sites, buildings, infrastructure, workforce, and community culture.  As economic developers, they play many roles to meet the needs of expanding and new industry: analyst, catalyst, gap filler, advocate, educator and visionary.”
Now in its sixth year, National Economic Development Week was created by the International Economic Development Council, the largest professional membership organization for economic developers, in 2016 to recognize the unique role that economic development has in creating vibrant communities with strong economies. Over the span of five years, more than 450 campaigns have been created throughout the United States and Canada, creating millions of impressions, hundreds of news stories, blog entries, videos, events, and other activities. Cities, counties and states recognized the week in past years through official proclamations, local community events, and informational campaigns online and through social media. The United States Economic Development Administration (EDA) has also issued a statement commemorating Economic Development Week in past years.
“So many people believe economic development is simply going out and bringing in new industry, but it’s so much more than that. Our region is fortunate to work with some of the best local economic development professionals in the country and their teams work tirelessly every day to improve our community’s well-being. From talent retention to infrastructure improvement, to the administration of CARES Act funding, they are responsible for so much. We are happy to celebrate them this week and appreciate the partnerships we have with each of them,” said Jamie Glass, Director of Economic Development of the Alliance.
The Alliance provides regional marketing and support to the counties of Amherst, Bedford, and Campbell; the City of Lynchburg; and the towns of Altavista, Amherst, and Appomattox. All the region’s publicly owned industrial parks as well as available buildings can be found at This site also provides workforce data, regional demographics, and testimonials from local companies for site consultants and companies seeking information about the Lynchburg region to help with new business start-ups or expansions.
The Alliance will participate in Economic Development Week May 9-15, 2021. Planned activities include recognition of local economic development professionals, blogs, and social media posts to educate the community on the role of economic developers, and success story highlights of local economic development projects. To learn more about Economic Development Week, visit IEDC online at


About the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance  
The Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance is the region’s largest business association, and our government relations programming reflects the interests of our members. For nearly 750 businesses, professionals and organizations in the Lynchburg Region, our mission is to lead regional economic development through: Generating Jobs & Investment; Promoting the Region’s Brand and Image Globally; Cultivating Talent; and Enhancing the Business Climate.
About the International Economic Development Council
The International Economic Development Council is the leading international association for professional economic developers. IEDC supports the work of more than 5,000 economic developers to create high-quality jobs, develop vibrant communities, and improve the quality of life in their regions. Our members are employed in a wide variety of settings including local, state, provincial, and federal governments, public-private partnerships, universities and a variety of other institutions.