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Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance

Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance launches campaign to encourage citizens to get ‘Back to Business’ safely

LYNCHBURG, Virginia -- Today, Friday, June 12, the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance released a
public service announcement campaign video to encourage the community to stay safe and be kind as
businesses reopen. The Alliance created this campaign with media partners and the Regional COVID-19
Business Support Task Force.

The Regional COVID-19 Business Support Task Force is made up of economic development
representatives from the City of Lynchburg, Campbell County, Bedford County, Amherst County,
Appomattox County, and the Towns of Altavista and Amherst. Other members of the Task Force are the
Downtown Lynchburg Association, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) - Lynchburg Region,
and the Central Virginia Workforce Development Board.

The Alliance has encouraged citizens to be better and safer customers by publishing a business guide to
reopening, creating informational videos, broadcasting radio spots, hosting many informational
webinars, printing stories with the assistance of our media partners, and more. The Alliance chooses to
emphasize the importance of citizens respecting one another at this time and staying safe and following
guidelines. We hope that this video will encourage citizens to continue to support local businesses and
recognize the importance of doing so safely.

Megan Lucas, CEO and Chief Economic Development Officer of the Alliance said, “The Alliance, in
conjunction with the Regional COVID-19 Business Support Task Force, wants to remind people to be safe
and kind as businesses reopen. We want to enable businesses to stay open by following the safety
guidelines in order to prevent a recurrence of the virus. We remain cautiously optimistic as we see
businesses reopen and we get the Lynchburg Region back to business safely.”

You can watch the video here:

The Alliance continues to update its online coronavirus hub with the latest news for the Lynchburg
region. We hope this resource will provide employers and employees with assistance during these
difficult times.
Find out more at:

The Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance is the region’s largest business association, and our
government relations programming reflects the interests of our members. For nearly 750 businesses,
professionals and organizations in the Lynchburg region, our mission is to lead regional economic
development through: Generating Jobs & Investment; Promoting the Region’s Brand and Image
Globally; Cultivating Talent; and Enhancing the Business Climate.
For more information and to learn more about the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, please visit:


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