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Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance

Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance to host ‘Wednesdays@One’ with Virginia Secretary of Finance, Aubrey Layne

LYNCHBURG, Va.— On Wednesday, July 22, the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance will host the
Virginia Secretary of Finance, Aubrey Layne, to discuss the Commonwealth’s revenue, budget, and
economic situation. The purpose of this event is to benefit the community with accurate and updated
information about the revenue and economic status of Virginia.

This event is particularly timely because on July 20, Secretary Layne and other members of the Northam
Administration and General Assembly staff will be meeting with the Joint Advisory Board of Economists
(JABE). Given that the Governor will be calling a Special Session in August to address the
Commonwealth’s biennial budget, Alliance members and the public should tune in to receive this
important briefing from Secretary Layne.

Aubrey Layne currently oversees the four main finance agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia: The
Department of Accounts, the Department of Planning and Budget, the Department of Taxation, and the
Department of the Treasury, as well as the Virginia Resources Authority and the Virginia Board of
Accountancy. Layne previously served as the Secretary of Transportation for Virginia from January 2014-
January 2018, where he oversaw seven agencies with over 10,000 employees and a combined budget of
over $6 billion.

“We are grateful to have Mr. Layne with us for Wednesdays@One.”, said Alliance CEO Megan Lucas.
“Many businesses are unsure of the economy and financial situation of the Commonwealth due to
COVID-19. They need to know where we are fiscally and how the future will look.”

Wednesdays@One is a webinar series hosted by the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance that provides
a virtual gathering place for businesses. Our weekly updates will bring you the latest information
regarding what is being done to support businesses and the region during this time.
If you are interested in attending this Wednesdays@One to hear from Aubrey Layne about the revenue,
budget, and economic situation of the Commonwealth, you can register for free here:


The Alliance continues to update its online coronavirus hub with the latest news for the Lynchburg
region. We hope this resource will provide employers and employees with assistance during these
difficult times.

Find out more at:


The Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance is the region’s largest business association, and our
government relations programming reflects the interests of our members. For nearly 750 businesses,
professionals and organizations in the Lynchburg region, our mission is to lead regional economic
development through: Generating Jobs & Investment; Promoting the Region’s Brand and Image
Globally; Cultivating Talent; and Enhancing the Business Climate.

For more information and to learn more about the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, please visit:


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