Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra Names Interim Board President, Board Officers, and New Board Members

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June 04, 2019
LYNCHBURG – The Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra recently announced its appointment of an interim board president and named several new members to its board of directors.
Hugh Ballou will fill a one-year term as president starting June 1. Ballou follows Linda Edwards who served as president from 2016 to 2019. Joining Ballou as board officers are Vice President Aaron Van Allen, Secretary Tad Hardin, and Treasurer Kim Witt.

“It is important to engage every member of the board and advisers with their level of passion,” says Ballou regarding his vision for the organization’s leadership. “We are working on systems that will help the work of the board and enable people to perform at their highest level.”

Ballou already has made an impact on the LSO. Since 2017, he has assisted the organization with processes, strategic planning, and leadership principles. He also was director of the orchestra’s December 2018 holiday concert at the Academy Center of the Arts. During his 40-year music career, Ballou directed large church choirs and symphony musicians, and also served as guest conductor for university ensembles. He now uses that experience as a consultant for charitable organizations.
Outgoing President Linda Edwards attributes the success of the LSO to its capable leaders. “I have loved serving as LSO president,” says Edwards. “I am grateful for outstanding board members who have served and worked together to achieve our goals. The Advisory Council has also provided excellent advice and leadership.”
Following are new directors for the 2019-2022 term:
Andrea Bain, VP Ethics and Communication, BWXT
Julie Salmon, community volunteer 
Tina Cox, musician and community volunteer
Rachel Love, teacher, musician, volunteer
Wendy Adams, development professional 
Scott Smith, IT specialist, Sales Force
Ed Murphy, event planning professional
Dennis Marcinik, GM, Virginian Hotel
Hugh Ballou, Synervision 
Kim Witt, Strategic Budget Manager, Liberty University
Continuing board members:
Andrea Albers, LSO Musician Representative
Cassandra Hibbard, PhD, Liberty University; LSO Musician Representative
Chris Magee, PhD, University of Lynchburg, LSO Musician Representative
Karl Miller, Karl Miller Team Realtors
Aaron Van Allen, District Representative, Ben Cline’s Office 
Tad Hardin, PhD, Liberty University
Lynn Ames, retired banker, Community Volunteer
Cory Holiday, engineer 
Elena Holiday, business owner
Tina Garrett-Ragland, HR, Pacific Life
LSO Staff:
Erika Mork, part time Ex. Director
Donna Whitehouse, part time Development Administrator
Charlene Scruggs, part time bookkeeper
Angie Hales, part time Music Coordinator
About the LSO
The Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra was started in 1983 as a way for local musicians to use their skills, while enhancing the community’s arts programs. The LSO is a key contributor to Lynchburg’s cultural, intellectual and creative vibrancy, helping to keep Lynchburg an attractive center for economic development – essential for businesses seeking to recruit and retain investors and employees. Beyond the price of a ticket, spending by arts organizations and their audiences supports jobs and generates government revenue. LSO musicians live and work in the Lynchburg area keeping attendee’s investment in our community.