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Partnerships Makes Construction Trade Education More Accessible

Build Smart Institute and Ferrum College are partnering to provide construction trade education. Unlike other programs, students participating earn both college credit and industry-recognized credentials. Students who graduate will receive an associate degree and certifications. The program provides flexibility for a variety of students. Dual enrollment students, traditional college students, and professionals seeking certifications will benefit from skills training.

Trades training is available in: 
  •  carpentry
  •  electrical
  •  plumbing
  •  construction management
  •  and more. 

Online courses will prepare students for certifications in:
  •  Construction Site Management
  •  Construction Project Management
  •  Construction Small Business Management
  •  and Sustainable Construction.

Students graduate with the skills, job training, and hands-on experience. Businesses benefit from a workforce that is ready, willing, and capable. 

Classes begin in Fall 2024.