Timberlake Family Pharmacy is now Timberlake Health & Wellness

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June 24, 2019
Timberlake Family Pharmacy announces new name and rebranding to Timberlake Health & Wellness.
We are excited to announce that Timberlake Family Pharmacy is now Timberlake Health & Wellness. This name change emphasizes our strategy to serve our community with exceptional health care by providing sterile and non-sterile medications as well as integrative medical team approaches to personalized, patient led health and wellness.
Existing and new patients can expect continued compound prescription services and will have the opportunity to experience new offerings in health care as well as in our retail store and café.
As we enter into this exciting new season of growth we want to extend our utmost gratitude to our patients, community and business associates for their patronage and continued support.
Timberlake Health & Wellness is the only Pharmacist-owned PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy in the Lynchburg area in a 60 mile radius. Compounded medications are prescriptions that are written by physicians, veterinarians, and other legally authorized prescribers and prepared for an individual patient by specially trained compounding staff and compounding pharmacists. Compounding medications is an integral part of the practice of pharmacy and the demand for these customized medications increases every year. “Timberlake Health & Wellness is committed to delivering the highest quality compounded medications to Lynchburg and the surrounding community in which we have been serving for many years,” said Dr. Vince Ettare. “By achieving PCAB Accreditation, our customers can be assured that our organization follows industry best practices and is in compliance with the industry’s most stringent national standards.

Timberlake Health & Wellness is located at the intersection of Greenview and Timberlake, 20276 Timberlake Road, Suite A Lynchburg, VA 24502. Shop our full front end of local vendors, health and beauty needs, seasonal merchandise, gifts, and more! Watch the compounding process through the windows of our lab! We truly believe that you will see the difference that a pharmacy who desires to partner with you for a healthier life can make!
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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Heidi Reynolds at 434-237-6337 or email at sales@timberlakehealth.com