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Be featured as a #MemberMonday!

Every Monday we feature an awesome Alliance member with a post on our social media, weekly newsletter, and our blog. This complimentary marketing and promotion is a quick and easy way to get your name out there! Simply fill out the information below and we'll schedule a spot for you on the next available Monday. An organization can only be featured as a Member Monday once a year.
Please provide your name and title for contact purposes.
Questions Section
Fill out the questions below so that we can build out your social media post and blog!
Please limit your post to a maximum of 200 words. And don't forget to include info. on the best way for customers to reach you! For example, highlight a new product or service, a community initiative you're working on, or how you serve and contribute to the Lynchburg region.
If you don't wish to supply an image we will pull one for you from your website or Facebook page.