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Volunteer Opportunities at Avoca Museum

Posted: 02/18/2024

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities
Avoca Museum and Historical Society is currently seeking interns and volunteers to assist in a variety of tasks at the museum. We have several different opportunities. If any of these areas interest you, please contact Executive Director Caleb Lafoon at: 
Docents conduct guided tours of the Museum for groups of students and adults. Utilizing the techniques of dialogue and inquiry, role play and storytelling, the docent encourages students to explore Avoca Museum and the grounds. The programs may explore topics such local Native American life, colonial life, Col. Charles Lynch and his legacy, the American Civil War, and the Victorian era and customs. Docents assist in the development of educational programs and conduct special activities for students, adults and families. Hours: needed during typical museum operation Tuesday-Friday 1PM-6PM.
Historical Reenactors
Reenactors are needed for a variety of events and field trips at the museum. This work entails dressing up in period costume and completing a script for various field trips and historical events held at Avoca Museum. With so many different colorful individuals in Avoca’s history these roles are varied and interesting. This role will be under the Executive Director or the Events Coordinator. Hours: varied depending on the event times. 
Documenting and Digitizing
In this area you will assist in the preparation of documentation for changing exhibits, digitizing collection records, scanning files, image manipulation, file re-naming, and organizing. Once the data has been collected it will require entry into electronic records and archive files. This may include, organizing and archiving files, research projects pertaining to donors, grants and records as they arise. Additionally, it will also require a willingness to upload any relevant historical
documents onto the Museum website. This role will be under the direction of the Executive Director. Hours: Flexible, can be facilitated during normal staff operating hours M-F 9AM-6PM.
Research and Collection
While much of the story at Avoca has been uncovered, there are large gaps in its history where little is known. We hope to uncover and document this lost history. In particular, we are hoping to discover more about Charles Lynch’s freed slaves and their life trajectory once they were manumitted. This will require searching through public records, interviewing descendants, examining old documents and letters, some of which are at the estate. This role will be under the Executive Director. Hours: Flexible, can be facilitated during normal staff operating hours M-F 9AM-6PM.
Community Events and Marketing
Avoca hosts many public event and will continue to do so this coming year with the hope of engaging more with the community. In this role you will assist in event planning in preparing for historically based community events and helping to promote those events by different marketing mediums. This may include events for holidays or educational events where Avoca will host K-12 field trips. This role will be under the Events Coordinator. Hours: Flexible, can be facilitated during normal operating hours for the Events Coordinator Thursday and Friday 9AM-6PM or during events which vary in time.
Grounds and Gardening
Maintaining the historical grounds including the garden and arboretum is essential in preserving the estate. We desire to maintain the high standards of the property in preserving native trees, landscapes, shrubs, groundcovers and perennials. This role will be under the direction of a master gardener or other key volunteer. Hours: will be determined by the availability of a gardening expert and may change due to weather.