What Does Time Management Mean?

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Happy New Year! The time of year when we are driven to “resolve” something. To make a resolution, to set a goal or choose a word as our guidepost for the year. We are exposed to a plethora of resolution topics (email, finance or health management) in articles, interviews and discussions about what we will resolve to do this year. Time management is a popular topic and rightfully so as we all have demands on our time and competing priorities daily. What does time management really mean and how does everyone manage their busy schedules? 
Well in my quest to think about this, I stumbled onto this video with a great nugget from Bill Gates, "a filled schedule....it is not a proxy of your seriousness that you fill every minute of your schedule.” How about that? Is there a direct correlation between the girth of our schedule and the seriousness of our day? I don’t think so, a busy schedule doesn’t equate to a productive schedule. So, will your 2019 be filled with a busy or productive schedule?
The Alliance schedule will be productive and focused on the growth and success of your business and our region.
Megan A. Lucas, CCE, CEcD, IOM 
CEO & Chief Economic Development Officer 
Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance
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