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The Great Room


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About Us

The Kirkley Hotel's The Great Room restaurant is warm, personal and comfortable with residential furnishings that make every visitor feel like a guest in a comfortable private home.

Traditional dining and communal tables are nearby leather couches and armchairs, counter seating at our 'kitchen counter', and bar height tables. We have a Barn Room with a variety of seating areas, a massive picnic table, fire pit, fountains, and hydroponic growing systems.

Our food is above all Authentic. We serve the classics like French Steak Frites, Classic Shrimp Cocktail, Maryland Crab Cakes, Manchester Fish and Chips, Philadelphia Cheese Steaks, Southern Fried Chicken and Brooklyn Pizza. We passionately strive for Authenticity.

We have an extensive on-tap ''Brew Ridge Trail'' beer program featuring up to 20 regionally brewed beers, ciders and fresh craft root beer. We have an extensive cocktail program and stellar but approachable cellar of wines.
We offer outside catering and special events.

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