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Virginia Council of CEOs


Non-profit - Professional Organization

About Us

The Virginia Council of CEOs (VACEOs) is a non-profit organization that connects CEOs, Presidents, and owners of small and mid-size businesses for learning and growth, primarily by way of peer roundtables. Offering diverse perspectives in a highly confidential environment, peer roundtables have been proven to provide members with a clear advantage in decision-making and leadership, and are our core value component. Utilizing a structured process, members of a roundtable present issues, opportunities, and challenges, ask clarifying questions so as to understand root causes, and share experiences that they've had dealing with similar situations.

The Council also offers all-inclusive programs and retreats featuring local, regional, and nationally known speakers as well as local business sponsors/subject matter experts.

This is not a networking group (although it is a great network to be a part of!), but rather a group of CEO peers who are invested in the success of each other.